Ornamental cabbage

Yikes, I don't think I could have done any worse on this one.

Three purple flowers

Colored pencil

What's that on the TV?

Okay, I think I got the bricks done fairly well and the ledge. But the left most ferret is definitely out of proportion, even if we pretend it's a small female. As usual, the photograph isn't that great.


Hummingbird. Colored pencil foreground and watercolor background

Lady-bugged leaf

Lady bug on leaf

Ferret with red flowers

Here's a ferret with red flowers. Now, this ferret was a "new media" projected. I did this in colored pencils, but I tried a new blending powder and a texture spray. The texture spray left funny things on the paper and made it difficult to layer. I'm hoping it was just because I used the wrong type of paper.


Colored pencils



Second try: Ferret coming out of a picture frame

Colored pencil

Ferret coming out of a picture frame

Watercolor background and colored pencil foreground

Mouse, moon, flower

This time in acrylics.

War dance

You can't tell with this crappy photo, but my husband actually deemed this picture wall worthy. It's in an actual frame and hanging in his office at work.

Blue Jay

Sometimes you want to use water as a solvent instead of gnarly chemicals.

Galaxy in a galaxy

I was doing so well until I started adding hair... Yes, I need to learn to sharpen my pencil, make sure the hair goes in the right direction, keep track of hair length on body parts, ... It looks so much better as a thumbnail.

Heart dish

Heart dish

Playing with a compass

Playing with a compass

Brigit's Cross

Brigit is sort of an Irish goddess, part of the Tuatha de Danann. I put in a symbol for each of the family members and did my best to phonetically spell out names out in old Irish letters.



Hex nut

Hex nut

Tunnel rat

Rat in a tunnel


Graphite bow, for a present


Anna and I copied eyes from a reference photo in drawing class.

Dog Parts

Great Danes are big. I wasn't up to drawing a whole dog, so I just did some parts of the dog.


This was one of my first paintings. It's supposed to be a hummingbird.

Television trance

Television trance. Note that this picture was done about 18 years before I took up art.