Blue jesters

Colorado's state flower is a joke.

Butterfly tulips

Tulips are tasty.

Lavender butterfly

Butterfly on lavender.

Monarch butterfly

Sandpaper sucks so far.

Contrasting tulips

March's challenge.

Abstract face

Where did this come from?


Beauregard, a stray ferret on drafting film.

Horse bridle

Life drawings are good; not-life drawings, not so much.

Heart flamingos

Hearts. I just wanted to draw a heart.

Two birds

Birds and feathers are still my nemesis.


Feathers are tough.

Purple flower

I'll have to concentrate on learning flowers soon.

Sea turtle

Finshed and done. I finished it. That's about all I can say.


Feathers are next. I need to learn how to draw feathers.


This was an experiment with Canson mi-tentes paper. It's colored.

I either didn't use a reference flower or I used hundreds. I mean, they're sunflowers.


Lilac breasted roller

This picture sucks for two reasons. Firstly, I'm bad at birds. I think I've learned how to do fur pretty well, but feathers are not yet my thing. So, guess what? I'll be doing a lot of birds for a while. 

Shiny pencils

New toys!


This was an experiment with Brush & Pencil products. Even with the seller's help, I still didn't get the stuff to work correctly. I'm told it takes a bit of practice, and I know I made several pilot errors. The idea behind the products is very cool, and I want the products to work. So, I'll try again another time. 

Second abstract

The first abstract didn't relate to the real world at all, so I tried another one. I like the first one better, I think.

My first abstract

The monthly challenge for the colored pencil group I'm in is "Abstract." Abstracts make my brain hurt.

There's no original to compare to this time.

Casper's trophy

Happy dog.


This is Squirlock. I asked the family what to do with a squirrel and the husband suggested the pipe and a kid suggested a Sherlock Holmes hat.

The original picture was posted as the January 2017 monthly art challenge at Colored Pencil Magazine.


I've been wanting to try Brush & Pencil's powder blender for a while. I have, in fact, tried it, but it didn't work. More research clued me in that the paper is a big deal. So, I finally got the right paper, UART 600, archival sanded paper. I picked a sunflower because it's a fairly easy thing to draw. As I played with the blender, it still didn't work right for me. I also tried the texture fixative, and if you look closely at the picture, that didn't work out all that great for me either.

Watercolor Sunset

This is an experiment with watercolors. I used my new NeoColor II crayons. There is no original photo for this.


I experimented with doing a watercolor background. i got new watercolor pencils called NeoColor II. I like the watercolors. I msked out the bird with masking fluid, did the background, removed the masking fluid, and then did the bird with Polychromos pencils. I'm not sure about this mixing media idea.