We'll be homeschooling at home

The doc is going to remove the extra bone from my right foot on April 10. I'm told I get six weeks of no weight bearing. I had trouble driving with a boot on my right foot, so I'm just going with the assumption that I won't be able to drive for six weeks.

Ah, shucks. And I did so like driving.

  • So, Monday's play dates will be at our house.
  • Tuesday's piano lessons will be at our house. (The piano teacher just charges a bit more.)
  • I'm bumming rides to coop from Brett and/or Danielle on Wednesdays.
  • Thursdays are, were, and always will be PJ Day.
  • Leon's gonna take the kids to Options on Fridays and Wonderful Brett is going to bring 'em back.

For a period of six weeks, my homeschooled kids are actually going to be spending quite a bit of time at home. 

Needless to say, Anna has finally learned to ride her bicycle to the grocery store.