Benefits of homeschooling

I frequently receive comments from strangers about how well-behaved my children are. Sometimes it's gratifying, but for the most part, I attribute it to homeschooling and not any super powers I have as a parent. Well behaved children is just one benefit of homeschooling your children. There are more.

Homeschooled kids think differently.

Just the fact that the kids are learning at home instead of in a traditional school will have them thinking differently. Instead of going to school, automatically, because everyone else does it, their parents are educating them in their own domicile. This can lead to questioning other behaviors that most people do, just because.

Besides just being at home, they are exposed to their parent's teaching styles. Since parents aren't required to teach 30 children and report to a school district, parent teachers have significantly more flexibility with the curriculum and styles of education.

Homeschooled kids have less peer stress and increased interactions with a variety of people.

Many kids make friends at school, but they also deal with bullies and kids that bring them down.

Instead, these kids deal with their siblings, other homeschooled kids, kids who share similar interests (like in swim class, pottery class, or soccer), and other random people they meet. Children that don't spend a great percentage of their day in a classroom encounter many more people, including children, of different types and ages.

They get to learn that not all people are the same age. Not all people are going through the same stages of life.

Homeschooled kids generally respect their parents more.

I think they respect their parents more because they spend more time with their parents. Additionally, though, they don't hear other kids their age talk bad about their parents, so that could be a factor.

Homeschooled kids aren't exposed to quite as many illnesses.

Children educated at home still get sick. They still encounter the common cold at the grocery store, the library, museums, co-ops, and church. They don't get sick as often, however, since they're not stuck in a room with other potentially sick kids. They get enough exposure to illnesses to have hearty immune systems.

As an added bonus, parents don't need to reschedule their work days when their kids do get sick, because they're already staying at home with them.

Homeschooled kids get to go on more field trips.

As part of the educational experience, I take my kids on a lot of field trips. We particularly like the Museum of Science and Nature. We usually go on weekdays. The weekends are too crowded. It's totally "legal" to spend the day at the Science Museum and call it school. Ditto for the zoo and a bunch of other locations.