The company profile is an important part of a marketing plan. A company's profile is the story about the company. It gives a brief history of your company and list your company's capabilities, products, and services.

While the company profile is typically put early on in the marketing plan, you might consider writing this after you've looked at your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The company profile can contain all of this information.

Basic information

What is your company's name?

When did your company form? (What was the month, day, and year of its legal inception? When did the company start operating?)

What is the company's legal status? (LLC, sole proprietorship, incorporated) Why was this legal status chosen?

What town or city, state or province, and country is your company located in? Does that location have any benefits over other similar types of companies in your industry?


Do you have employees? Do you use subcontractors?

Do you have any minimum standards that employees must meet before you hire them? For instance, do employees show proof of a high school degree or do they need to have a valid driver's license?

Do you check on your employees' references?

What certifications do you or your employees hold that benefit your company?

Target market

Do you have a target niche? If so what is it?

Describe a "typical" client.


Has your company received any awards?

Is your company affiliated with any organizations or associations?

Does your company have any community involvement?

Is your brand name known?

Operating practices

What is your pricing structure?

Does your company have a privacy policy? What is it? How does this privacy policy compare to others?

How does your company handle data storage? How are backups done? Are backups done locally or held off site? How is data privacy dealt with in regards to storage?

Products and services

Do you have any products that you sell? This might be an eBook or a class. List all your products.

List your services.

What is your typical turnaround time for each type of product or service?

How much work can you accept at a given time? For example, if you do transcription, what is the most number of audio minutes you can take and have completed in your standard turnaround time?

Customer service

How can clients contact you? Can they contact you my phone, email, both, or only one of these methods?

When are you available?

How long does it take you to return client phone calls and/or email?