I liked Science in college and high school; I thought of computers as a toy and a tool. I interned at the Air Force's Rocket Propulsion Labratory (which has gone through a series of name changes since then and I've lost track of what it is called now). I worked in Biotech after college.

And then I left Science. Computer jobs actually provide money, whereas science jobs don't so much.

But what if I could combine my love for science and my love for computers? When I got out of college in 1992, combining them wasn't that simple. I mean, you could write a Fortran program or an Excel spreadsheet to analyze data, but the crossover wasn't as great as I'd like.

I took off 15 years to raise kids. Since then, memory and disk space has become much, much cheaper. It's easy to keep lots of data around now.

Not only is Big Data now the thing, but it combines my two loves. So, I'm going to learn "Big Data," and this is the documentation of my journey.