Menu problems in Joomla can be difficult to troubleshoot since there are so many places to check.

When I go to my web site and hover over a menu, the sub menu does not show up. I have to click on that menu and then hover for the sub menu to show up. What's wrong?

Go into the module manager and edit your menu item. On the right hand side of the dialog box, under Parameters, is a radio box for "Always show sub-menu items." Change the radio box to Yes and click save. Go back to your web site and refresh it. Remember to refresh it or click on Home or something before you try this out. Then, hover over your menu item. It should be working fine now.

I have a Category Blog menu item. When I click on that menu item, one article takes up the whole page. What's wrong?

Select the Article Manager under the Component menu item. Find the problem article and edit it. Insert a "Read More" link after the first few sentences. Hit save. Go back to your web site and click on Home and then click on the offending menu item. The article problem should be fixed.

I don't like the formatting of multiple columns on my blog layout. How do I change it to one column?

Select the menu's name under Menus on the Joomla administrator page. Click on the menu item that displays the blog. On the right-hand side, in a gray box, are the Parameters (Basic). Look for the boxes for # Leading, # Intro, Columns, and #Links. Change the number of Columns to 1.

# Leading-In a blog format, the first one or so articles are displayed across the full width, along with the text in the articles above the Read More. This number sets the number of articles that are displayed full width before the articles break into columns.

# Intro-This is the number of articles displayed with the intro text. The into text is the text above the Read More in the article.

Columns-The number of columns the page will show, after the Leading articles are displayed.

# Links-At the bottom of the page is a list of more articles (if you have that many articles) that are displayed, but only the titles are displayed, not the intro text. Change the number of articles listed as links here.

Home is showing up on my main page. How can I get rid of that?

Select the menu that has "Home." Find the Home menu item, and it has a Type of Articles >> Front Page. Select the menu item and then go to the right hand side. Click on the green arrow next to Parameters (System) to open that dialog area. Turn Show Page Title to No. Go to your website. Refresh and look at your home page.