An ebook is just a book that is not printed on paper. It's distributed electronically. There are no trees involved in its distribution. eBooks are available for a variety of devices and are available in a variety of formats.

Authors love ebooks for a variety of reasons.

  • Authors can make their own ebooks and can avoid the traditional print media scene. These authors are called independents or "indies."
  • It's a lot faster to put together an ebook than it is to put together a print book.
  • It's much cheaper to put together an ebook.
  • It's easier to distribute ebooks.
  • The cost risk associated with ebooks is much less than print books.

eBooks have disadvantages for authors too.

  • Just because an author can avoid the print media scene doesn't mean they should avoid all of it. The editing of books is a good thing. If I see a lot of typos and grammar errors, I'm unlikely to read that author again.
  • The author scene is good for getting real critique. Let's face it. You're not going to get a valid critique from your spouse or your mother. They do have to interface with you frequently.

Readers love eBooks for a variety of reasons

  • If you use a reader that is not a Kindle, your reader is probably its own light source. This is very nice if you want to read in bed and your spouse wants to sleep.
  • Lots of books fit in your pocket, if your ereader is your phone.
  • I can't explain it, but somehow it's not socially allowed to sit at the dinner table, or in a party, and read a book. No one thinks twice if you pick up your phone and start "playing with it." 

eBooks have disadvantages for readers too.

  •  It's really difficult for your dog to eat your eBook.
  • If your ereader is not up to snuff, you can get eye strain from reading an electronic book.
  • The eBook doesn't have that certain smell you get from dusty books or books fresh off the press.
  • I hate running out of batterly life in the middle of the last chapter of a good story.