Common eBook formats

Many formats are available to choose from. First determine your needs and then select a format.

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Market analysis of eBook formats

If you analyze the market, which format should you publish your eBook in? Some people will publish in their favorite format. Some people want to publish in the most popular format, and some people will publish in all formats. Here's a bit more information to help you compare the formats and decide.

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Format: HTML

Since an eBook is just a book distributed in electronic format, without paper, you most definitely can make an ebook in HTML. The true question, however, is should you?

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Overview of common eBook formats

You can choose from a variety of formats for your ebook, and each format has its advantages and disadvantages. Some formats are easy to print hard copies from and some are a major pain in the keester. Some formats are easy as pie to read on a phone, and some are very difficult to read on a phone. Some formats are good with images and others are lousy with images.

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Format: Kindle

Amazon's kindle format is a version of a Mobipocket ebook file with an extension of mobi.

Having a book available in Kindle format offers many advantages.

  • People can read it on their kindles.
  • People can read it on their iPhones.
  • You can sell it on Amazon and have access to their market

Rendering: Make a PDF

The example below is for rendering an eBook in PDF format with a Word 2010 source file and Adobe Acrobat. You can use other pdf creators and other software to make PDFs.

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Format: PDF

Have you ever opened a document made on a Mac in Windows, or visa versa, and seen a bunch of strange characters and unreadable text instead of a beautiful document?

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What is an eBook?

An ebook is just a book that is not printed on paper. It's distributed electronically. There are no trees involved in its distribution. eBooks are available for a variety of devices and are available in a variety of formats.

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Get the final content

Get the final, FINAL, content before you do anything. Don't start worrying about converting your book into an eBook until your book is actually finished. If you're converting the eBook for a client, wait until their book is done. Then, follow this checklist.

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