Windows does not have a feature for printing out a directory listing. So, here’s how to print out a directory listing.

Open up the folder you want to list.

Look at the title bar. Is there a full path name there? A full path name will start with a drive letter and a colon, usually C:

If that full path name is not present, turn that option on in Tools/Folder Options.

Once that option is selected, cd into that directory. cd stands for change directory.


Run the DOS shell, the command prompt. Go to the Start Menu, then to Accessories, and select the Command Prompt.

List the directory and make sure that this is the directory listing you want. dir stands for directory.


Now, list the directory again, but redirect the output. Instead of seeing the listing on the screen, send the output to a file on your computer. The > symbol means redirect the output. Two dots and a slash (..\) indicate "the parent directory," so the directory one level up.

dir > ..\listing.txt


Next, verify that your new file exists. Change directory into the parent directory.

cd ..

List the contents of the directory.

dir listing.txt


Look at the contents of the file. type is the DOS command to display the contents of a file.

type listing.txt