Academic and casual writing

Everyone knows that you should write differently your term papers differently from your Facebook posts, and your journal submissions should be written differently than newspaper columns. What exactly are the differences between casual and academic writing? Between formal and informal writing?

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Hyphens and dashes

Dashes, hyphens, en-dashes, and em-dashes. How and when are you supposed to use them

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Book formatting in Word

You must complete several steps to format a book for publication in MS Word. Steps include selecting the correct paper size and setting the margins, using styles, use sections, creating headers and footers, and depending on the style of book, you generating a table of contents, index, or bibliography.

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Science in APA

Style guides are rules for writing, and there are plenty of style guides around. The Chicago Manual of Style was created for newspapers and is used for many styles of publications these days. It's a good general style guide. Microsoft has its own style guide for technical manuals. One of the first style guides psychology and science students encounter is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (The sixth edition of this manual came out in July 2009, and it makes headings much easier than they were in the fifth edition.)

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Charging for editing

Just considering word count will not give you a realistic estimate of what is needed to edit a large document. Other factors to be considered are the type of writing, what kind of editing is desired, and the style of editing that needs to be used.

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The use of ellipses

After fixing a "lists and ellipses" error, I turned to my husband and said, "This is one of my pet peeves, honey."

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Checklist for APA Manuscripts, 6th Edition

A friend asked me if I knew how to edit APA style documents. I made this checklist for her.

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Writing for an online audience

Why is there a specific article on how to write for an online audience? Can't you just write like you'd normally write? Well, no, and here's why.

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How can I document it when I don't even know it?

Have you ever had to write documentation for a product you've never used? I love it when I get that type of assignment. That might sound crazy, but it's a special opportunity to write documentation for a new user. As you master a product, you tend to forget what the starting difficulties for new users are.

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