3 - Assessing your voice

In this lesson, you'll do a self assessment of your voice.

  • Read/listen to Chapter 1 - Assessing your voice in the book It's How You Say It.
  • Find the video you made in lesson number 2 and rewatch and listen to it. 
  • Watch the SciShow video called Does My Voice Really Sound Like That?

Answer the following questions in an email with the subject line of "Elocution lesson 3 - Assessing your voice"

  1. According to what you've read/listened to, is it likely that your voice is as bad as you think it is? That is, do you have a realistic opinion of your voice?
  2. Why does your recorded voice sound different to you than what you think of as your voice?
  3. From the video of your speaking, do you detect any real problems in your elocution? If so, what are they?