1 - What is elocution?

What is elocution? Read the definition of elocution.

Elocution is important for people to understand you and to get your point across. Good elocution improves the odds that others will take you seriously. Your ability to talk clearly can reflect your socioeconomic status (your class) and intelligence.

Read/Listen to the Introduction to the Second Edition and the Introduction to the book It's the Way You Say It. It's in your Kindle and Audible account.

Watch this video.

Answer these questions in an email with the subject line of "Elocution lesson 1 - What is elocution?"

  1. What is elocution?
  2. What are some benefits to good elocution skills?
  3. Name three reasons elocution is important for Dungeon Masters.
  4. How many times a day, and for how long each time, should you practice your elocution skills?
  5. Why did the newscaster in the Introduction to the book do so well, so rapidly, in his elocution lessons?