I stopped giving my kids "math" assignments a while back. Worksheets made my dyslexic son cry and don't seem to do anything to help my daughter's understanding of math.

 Record Keeping Sheets (as mentioned in the video below)

I've felt okay with this decision, because I was/am confident that the kids would learn math as needed when they get interested in other topics. My daughter proved this to be true when she became interested in genetics and took a class with me. She had to learn some statistics to do the genetics work, so she did. She didn't complain a bit.

They also get "math" assignments in the kitchen, when I let them cook.

But, I needed to get my son to do a bit more math. He is interested in money. He's very interested in the fake economies of World of Warcraft and Kingdom of Loathing. So, my husband and I gave him a real-world stock assignment.

We "gave" each kid "$10,000.00."

The kids keep records of the stock they "buy," "sell," and their transaction fees. They research the stock price and the company. The assignment is set up to last a year, and we'll give a real monetary prize to the kid who has the most money at the end of the year. We might give them both a prize, if they put some work into the assignment.

After less than a week, my son is doing some math. And, he's learning valuable money stuff while he's at it. And there's not a worksheet in sight.