While I homeschool my kids, I still want them to experience some classroom time. Mostly, I want this so they understand movies and literature, but it's also good for other reasons. Anyway, these are two homeschool programs that my kids and I are in.

Flatirons Co-op

  • This group meets on Wednesdays from from 9 to 12.
  • Half the members are enrolled in COVA.
  • Each kid takes Art, Science, and History.
  • Each grade stays in the same classroom for all classes.
  • Each grade has the same classroom each week.
  • Parents are required to teach, assist teach or something else.
  • Everybody gets stuck cleaning.
  • We follow the K12 curriculum that COVA prescribes.
  • This group is not officially related to COVA.
  • We are in co-op and not in COVA.
  • I teach 4th grade history and 5th grade science.
  • COVA kids take the CSAP from 3rd grade on.
  • I pay something like $120 a year.

Broomfield Options

  •  This IS a public school program.
  • It is designed for homeschool students.
  • Each child spends one day a week at options.
  • Kindergarten is in one group all day long. 
  • Students take 6 different classes.
  • The kids/parents choose the classes.
  • Broomfield options is avail on Thu and Fri.
  • During the summer, you may pick a curriculum or not. 
  • The school offers a choice of different curricula.
  • Each family can get 1 rosetta stone
  • You pay for consumable workbooks.
  • Textbooks are borrowed.
  • If you don't want to use their curricula, you don't.
  • Parents are required to donate some time each year.
  • The parent time is less than co-op requires. 
  • I do the web site.
  • I think I paid about $40 a year for an activities fee.