A few years ago I read books for a website, psychcentral.com, wrote reviews, and got paid. It was a great arrangement. I like to read. I like to write. I like to learn new things. And, getting the free book in the mail with someone waiting on me for a review was enticement to not get distracted by all those science fiction and smut books.

I had to stop when my mother-in-law went into hospice, because I couldn't focus. I forgot about the reviews, but I recently remembered and they sent me two books. I just finished the first, Get the Truth. It was fun. 

I was particularly interested in this book at this time because I'm taking a Citizen's Academy class from my city's police officers. Hopefully I learned something and I'll appear less ignorant in the future. (Also on my list is a book called Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools, but that isn't from the psychcentral company.)

The first thing my husband asked when he saw me holding the book, with CIA in the subtitle, was "Are you learning how to torture?" Nope. There was nothing of "enhanced interrogation techniques" in the book, with the exception of the definition of the euphanism. The book was about persuasion and maintaining a calm demeanor. I think it blends well with Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People and Joseph Romm's Language Intelligence.