The Dirty Streets of Heaven is the Sword and Laser book of the month for November 2012. I watched the introductory episode of S&L for the book and it sounded good. My local library didn't have the book, so I thought about it all day and finally decided to buy it.

It was okay, but it the story wasn't as good as I was anticipating.

Firstly, it was long. Normally, I like long books, but I didn't feel like there was enough forward movement in the book to justify the length. It had a lot of fight scenes and chase scenes, and the first ten or so were fun, but after that, I just wanted the story to progress.

Additionally, I started the book with the knowledge that it is the first of a planned trilogy. I feel like the book left too much unanswered. I love trilogies. I love series of books up until about five, with the exception of Harry Dresden which has never ceased to be amazing. But, I seem to like series books best when each book seems to be an independent story.

On a positive note, the universe was pretty cool.

So, if you like fight scenes and chase scenes and long books, you'll probably like this.