LOGIC 2 - Logical fallacies

hat's the difference between formal and informal logic fallacies? What are some logic fallacies?

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Common fallacious argument types

These are different ways people make their arguments sound convincing, even when they aren't true. Match the fallacious argument name to its definition.

Ad hominem      a  must be true because so many people believe it
Bandwagon fallacy   a  -- b  raising concern about competing products that might be tarnished
Argument of antiquity     -- c  don't need good information because of the source
All natural     -- d  must be true because people have believed it for a long time
From authority     -- e arguing against the person rather than the argument 
Quantum physics argument     --  f throw out terms that sound learned and over your head to make the other person think you know more than you do 

Twisted words

These are common ways people use language when their argument is weak.

Weasel words     ----- a Two questions at once without time to answer one 
Straw man argument    ----- b use words that suggest your point of view is already the accepted one
Loaded question    ----- c Clever words to make you think they say more than they do
Poisoning the well    ----- d Rephrase your opponent's argument and ridiculously exaggerate it
Proof by verbosity e  ----- e Use many words so people think the argument is better than it is

Fallacious techniques

These are techniques people can use to make their argument sound better than it is, creating a logical fallacy.

Excluded middle     a Changing the subject
Red herring     ---- b Out of evidence, assert that your claim can't be proved by science 
Special pleading     ----- c Does not follow; invalid conclusion 
Non-sequeter   ----- d  It's unknown to me, so it's unknown to everyone
Argument from innocence     ----- e If it's not one extreme, it must be the other extreme