2 - Types of sentences

Sentences are broken into different categories, because humans like to put everything into a category or box. 

Declarative sentences simply make a statement. Declarative sentences are statement sentences. These are all declarative sentences. Declarative sentences usually end in a period. A period is a simple dot on the bottom of the line at the end of a sentence. It is often under the > sign on your keyboard.

  • The sky is blue.
  • My dog is orange.
  • The sun is a miasma of incadescent plasma. 

Interrogative sentences ask questions and end in question marks.  The question mark is often on type of the / key on the keyboard.

  • Are you sure you want to do that?
  • What color is your dog?
  • What is the sun made of?

Imperative sentences are the bossy sentences. They make a request or issue a command. Think of imperial royal sentences when you think of imperative sentences.  Imperative sentences usually end in a period, like the declarative sentence. But sometimes, when the imperative sentence is really bossy or command-y, it ends in an exclamation point. The exclamation point is usually on top of the number 1 on the keyboard.

  • Brush the dog's fur.
  • Go do some research and tell me what the sun is made of.
  • Stop that!

Exclamatory sentences are kind of like declarative statements. Exclamatory sentences make a statement. However, these sentences make a statement with emotion and passion. These statements usually end with an exclamation point, but do not always. People often overuse the exclamation point, especially marketers. Never put more than one exclamation point after a sentence. Using two or three or four doesn't make your sentence more excited--it just shows you didn't pay attention in English class.

  • Oh, that dog is so fluffy!
  • This is the best donut I've ever eaten!

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Put the correct puncutation mark at the end of each of these lines. Mark if the sentence is declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, or a fragment.

  1. Ferrets are the most curious critters of all
  2. Dogs snore
  3. Do you want to date my avatar
  4. Which is your favorite WoW character
  5. Please sit down and shut up
  6. Chaos (the ferret) is lost
  7. The elephant is enormous
  8. Flipper a dolphin
  9. How long do lady bugs live
  10. Can you feed a chinchilla insects