1 - What is Algebra?

Algebra is a system for solving problems.

Watch these videos.

Answer all the questions below in that email with the subject line of "Algebra lesson 1 - what is Algebra"

  1. What's the default mathematical operation in Algebra?
  2. What is the answer to this equation?   x=5+2
  3. In the above equation, what is x called?
  4. In this equation, what should you do with a and b?    ab=x
  5. What's the value of this?  2 x 5
  6. What's the value of this?  (a)(b)
  7. What's the value of this? (2)(3)
  8. What is Linear Algebra?
  9. What is a Quadratic Equation?
  10. Name some things that we couldn't have without Algebra.
  11. Why should an artist know Algebra?
  12. Can you get smarter by learning Algebra?
  13. What's a dendrite?
  14. How long did it take Ben Hart to learn all his math up to finishing Algebra 2?