My husband doesn’t want to get a new keyboard. He’s looking for the “perfect” keyboard, and it’s difficult to find the perfect keyboard when you think a keyboard is a keyboard. I’m not sure what constitutes the perfect keyboard, but I’m pretty sure perfect means lots of bells and whistles.

I’m a little simpler and a little more complex. I don’t care one way or another about the gizmos and gadgets on my keyboard; I just want a keyboard that works and doesn’t hurt my hands and arms.

It’s nice to know what you like, especially when you’re kids dump a vat of liquid on your keyboard in the middle of a work crunch.
“Honey, will you grab me a new keyboard?” I had a cold after all, so he went to the basement and brought up a keyboard. Yeah! My Microsoft Natural keyboard was shorted and he brought up another Microsoft Natural keyboard, albeit an earlier version. I spent thirty minutes cleaning the keyboard, popping off keys, and vacuuming hair. Once I had the keyboard reasonably clean, I tried it out.
The delete key didn’t work. The enter key didn’t work. The “p” key didn’t work. Ugh. I needed to work and lack of a keyboard just seemed silly. I got a black Sharpie out and wrote “Broken” on the keyboard in giant letters.
Leon went to the basement and brought up another keyboard. Yes, it was another Microsoft Natural keyboard, and still an earlier version.I looked at it, sticky and covered in muck, and had visions of Leon bringing up every keyboard in the basement for me to try. I almost cried. “Do you want to come to the store with me to get a new keyboard, or do you want to stay here with the kids?”
Leon opted to come with me. I looked at the lineup of keyboards in the store—and I didn’t read the brand names—and picked out my new keyboard. It’s split, three-dimensional, and the keys press easily. My husband likes the keyboard because it has a cute button that brings up the Windows calculator plus a few other cool features. He likes it because it’s black. I like white better and would have preferred a rainbow keyboard, but who’s going to notice the color of a keyboard when it’s being used or stuck under a desk?
Can you guess what brand the keyboard is?
Yes, I am the new owner of my fourth Microsoft Natural keyboard, and I love it—even if it’s sold my Microsoft.