First App

These days, first apps are slightly more involved than "Hello World.

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Post college classes/certifications

 These are some of the classes I've taken and certifications I've earned after college. I say some, because I didn't start tracking until 2015.

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Hosting companies

Since I help people with their web sites (design, create, maintain, and play with widgets), I work with a bunch of different hosting companies. It seems like very few clients actually use the same hosting company. I've learned that some hosting companies are easy to work with and some are horrible.

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Social media standouts

When I got around to starting the newsletter this month, I was dismayed to see the theme of “Social Media Stand Outs.” I am not a social media guru, and I didn’t see any social media articles in the basket ready to go. I moaned and groaned and then my husband said “Isabella Gucci Jones,” and I cheered up and decided I could write an article on standing out in the social media scene, even if I’m not great at it myself. I know people who are great at social media, and I know how to research and analyze. (That’s what I’m good at: researching and analyzing.)

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My husband doesn’t want to get a new keyboard. He’s looking for the “perfect” keyboard, and it’s difficult to find the perfect keyboard when you think a keyboard is a keyboard. I’m not sure what constitutes the perfect keyboard, but I’m pretty sure perfect means lots of bells and whistles.

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The annual change

gwen-nicodemus-graphical-resume-thumb-12-2012Every year, whether I'm looking for a job or not, I play around with my re'sume'. 

I'm a firm believer in a couple of things about re'sume's.

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