I've lived with a mood disorder all my life, as has my mom, my maternal grandmother, and most likely my maternal great-grandmother. It sucks.

Now, it appears, my children are going through the same issues. You know what? It sucks worse watching your children go through the depths of depression and reach the nadir than it does to go through it yourself.

Feel free to comment and engage in conversation. Feel free to ask questions. I may or may not answer you.

My mood disorder's never been a closely held secret, but I haven't advertised it either. With the confluence of many events, it seems like it might be time to be more open about the issue.

Contact Gwen

Contact information

Call me at (303) 875-9395, send me an email at gwen @ tamaragwen.com, text, or fill out this online form

I don't always answer my phone, and I sure don't rush to answer it. If you leave me a voice mail, I'll get a text translation SMS to read.

Do you want a website for free?

Does your organization do something worthwhile for people, animals, or the planets? If so, I might be willing to do your site pro-bono.

I've done sites for animals rescues and shelters and guide dogs.  I'm interested in turning people from consumerism, getting people to think, consciousness, recycling, homeschooling, and of course, animals.

About me

I majored in Computer Science and Physical Science in college and then spent a couple of years working in chemistry and biotech labs. Since you can't really have any fun in the science field without a graduate degree, I decided to use my computer skills instead. I worked as an engineer for about ten years analyzing core files, writing scripts, and other random stuff. (Analyzing core files is kind of like doing an autopsy on a dead computer. The goal is to figure out why it died.)

I quit working in the office after my kids were born and started my business. I still occasionally work for my very first two clients.

Since I am very lucky and my family lives off of my husband's income, I am extremely picky about taking on new clients and work. In fact, the great majority of my clients are non-profits and I don't charge them.

My criteria for new work/clients is as follows

  • Is it a cause I want to support? (Animal shelters are a given.)
  • Does the work look interesting?
  • Have I ever done that type of work before? (I prefer new and untried work to stuff I've done before.)

What am I good at is as follows

  • Joomla and web sites, integrating widgets and code into web sites
  • Database stuff
  • Some programming
  • Visualizing data
  • Editing and proofreading (just not my own ;)
  • Teaching science and history classes for kids