Contact information

Call me at (303) 875-9395, send me an email at gwen @, text, or fill out this online form

I don't always answer my phone, and I sure don't rush to answer it. If you leave me a voice mail, I'll get a text translation SMS to read.

Do you want a website for free?

Does your organization do something worthwhile for people, animals, or the planets? If so, I might be willing to do your site pro-bono.

I've done sites for animals rescues and shelters and guide dogs.  I'm interested in turning people from consumerism, getting people to think, consciousness, recycling, homeschooling, and of course, animals.

About me

I majored in Computer Science and Physical Science in college and then spent a couple of years working in chemistry and biotech labs. Since you can't really have any fun in the science field without a graduate degree, I decided to use my computer skills instead. I worked as an engineer for about ten years analyzing core files, writing scripts, and other random stuff. (Analyzing core files is kind of like doing an autopsy on a dead computer. The goal is to figure out why it died.)

I quit working in the office after my kids were born and started my business. I still occasionally work for my very first two clients.

Since I am very lucky and my family lives off of my husband's income, I am extremely picky about taking on new clients and work. In fact, the great majority of my clients are non-profits and I don't charge them.

My criteria for new work/clients is as follows

  • Is it a cause I want to support? (Animal shelters are a given.)
  • Does the work look interesting?
  • Have I ever done that type of work before? (I prefer new and untried work to stuff I've done before.)

What am I good at is as follows

  • Joomla and web sites, integrating widgets and code into web sites
  • Database stuff
  • Some programming
  • Visualizing data
  • Editing and proofreading (just not my own ;)
  • Teaching science and history classes for kids