Red Finches


Bird, blue


Red Finch






Sun Conure


Two Bluejays


Emu No. 2

Snow Owl

It's a bird, not a plane.

Blue flower

Blue flower. The referene photo I used is on pixabay.

Three columbines

This is a second stab at my earlier attempt at three columbines.

Second Giraffe

My favorite artist, Lisa Clough, made a video on pencil painting a giraffe. here's my attempt.

Mana Wrym

Energetic beings.

Shiny Newt

I used to freelance under the name "Shiny Newts."

Second Koala

Trying the same picture for the funny animals theme. 

Leaf insect

"Mom, look!"


I like the bizarre perspective of this giraffe.

Transparent bugs

I think buys with transparent wings look funny.

Emus look funny

I'm starting a series of "animals that look funny" pictures. Well, emus definately look funny.

Bee drinks

The bee likes the nectar. I like purple and yellow together.

Apollo poses

Apollo tried to sniff the camera.

Sparky tunnels

Sparky tunnels.

Jeanne peeks

Jeanne pops her head up.

Casper's hungry

Casper's always hungry.

Blue Columbines

Again, with the blue columbines.